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The Arbors Walkable Streets
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The Arbors is the City of Cincinnati’s sole LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development) Pilot Project. The U.S. Green Building Council introduced LEED-ND Pilot as its most comprehensive green rating system, addressing the entire development – land use and building structure.

  • The Arbors registered in LEED-ND becoming 1 of 238 pilot project registrants from around the world.
  • The Arbors soon became 1 of 60 members of the LEED-ND Focus Group.In 1st quarter, 2009, The Arbors achieved LEED-ND plan certification with required documentations for: 1) smart location, 2) neighborhood design, 3) green technologies, and 4) innovation-design.
  • Cincinnati’s Community Development is funding The Arbors traditional public infrastructure elements (roadway/sanitary/water/utilities/walks).
  • The site is in Pleasant Ridge, a core community of the City, and proximate to the new P.R. Montessori School – the 1st LEED public school in Ohio.

In keeping with LEED third party verification standards, The Arbors project draws particular attention to energy efficiency and water management through Low Impact Development initiatives. Building footprints, roads, and parking generate impervious surfaces that exacerbate runoff into over-burdened piping. Such development usually depends on fossil fuel, attenuating economic, political, and climatic stress.

  • The 21st century development conundrum is how to offset environmental impact of intense land use and sustain natural water flow.
  • The energy “drawdown” of development consumes energy which historically has caused pollution – via building operations, transportation, and materials manufacture.
  • The Arbors single use, 14 lot in-fill site, pushes density increase to augment home ownership shortfall in the City.
  • All Arbors homes will qualify for the City’s LEED property tax incentive.

The Arbors is demonstrating relief of development impact on the environment by taking two substantive tracks: water management and energy technologies.

  • The developer is submitting to MSDGC’s Green Demonstration Project for the design and placement costs of bio-retention and pervious paving. Project affiliation in this effort includes The Ohio Department of Natural Resources and The Voinovich Center of Ohio University. The project heralds green infrastructure in the public right-of-way, approved by the City Department of Transportation and Engineering.
  • The Melink Corporation of Milford, Ohio views The Arbors as a strong candidate for its renewable energy systems – geothermal HVAC and solar power. The Arbors flagship neighborhood site positions it for emerging green consumer-driven products and employment. Dirt-ready and tangible venues are effective pioneering “operatives.” They become the most effective marketing tools for cost reductions imperative to quality of life.

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